3. First impression

We can say that the visual message is an important aspect of communication and helps to build relations. It is directed at 38% per cent of the recipients whose dominant communication channel is the visual channel. Hence the important role of the so called “good first impression”, the subjective reception of which is difficult to change.

Knowing that, we can use it as means of communication for building positive relations and creating a positive image consciously. The power of the first impression is very strong. It takes only a few seconds for our partner to form an impression, which is very easy to get and difficult to reverse. It is because the first impression can be made only once. That is why it is crucial to take care of the appearance and make a positive impression on the recipient.

Psychologists claim that 93% of the way we are seen is what we look like and how we speak – the language and diction. It is hard to ignore the fact that our presence (appearance) determines our achievements to a great extent. Using a proper style, we can make people perceive us as more competent, younger, more attractive, honest, energetic, etc.

In a way, we can manipulate the impression others get or even become somebody completely different by changing our image. The appearance is a very important channel of communication. Celebrities and politicians know it best.

Katarzyna Aleksandra Danowska

Katarzyna Aleksandra Danowska

Strategy and Creation Director

graduate of the University of Łódź, Law and Administration Department,

expert on business dress code in theory and practice,

recognizable fashion designer, awarded many titles including “Designer of the Year” or “Fashion Perfection”,

experienced in running business wear projects for recognizable clients and international corporations,

author of many articles and numerous trainings on business image,

Slow Fashion lover dedicated to ecology in fashion business.

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